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Pioneer iPad Speaker

iPad Rock&Roll

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InFocus high-end video conference phone

  • Sheeld Technology Demo Device
    Sheeld Technology Demo Device Sheeld
    MOCHA media oriented computer home appliance. The connected entertainment experience for the home. It utilizes a 21:9 aspect ratio ultra wide screen, provides a personalized entertainment experience for the home. The kickstand minimized the footprint, allowing the user to put the device anywhere in the house.
  • Gateway FX Gaming Notebook
    Gateway FX Gaming Notebook Creating powerful halo following.The Gateway FX series notebook line was created with gaming enthusiasts in mind. The body of the computer features anodized brushed aluminum with orange accents which coordinate with the media control keys as they glow in a bright orange when powered up.
  • Pioneer iPad Speaker
    Pioneer iPad Speaker iPad Rock&Roll
  • InFocus Video Phone MVP100
    InFocus Video Phone MVP100 InFocus high-end video phone MVP100. Tandem teamed up with InFocus, a leading projection equipment company, to design their first commercial video conference phone. Tandem designed the screen in such a way that it's angle, height can be adjusted. The video cam on top is subtle and adjustable as well.
  • Cuff: Rufus Labs
    Cuff: Rufus Labs fuel the creative economy
  • Fellow Robots Telepresence Robot
    Fellow Robots Telepresence Robot Tandem worked with Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley start-up formed by a group of engineers from NASA's Singularity University on the iconic design of the tele-presence robot.
  • Pioneer iPhone Dock
    Pioneer iPhone Dock Form Follows Function
  • Digital Radio+iPod Speaker
  • emachines AIO Computer
    emachines AIO Computer Slim All in One Computer for eMachines
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About Tandem

Tandem is a leading industrial design firm in the trend-setting city of Santa Monica, a part of Los Angeles, California.

Combining California life style with cutting edge technology, Tandem's talented team provides industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping and UI design service to Los Angeles, Orange County area as well as the rest of the world. 


  • To maximize the market impact for your products, we go through an unique design process infusing innovation, form, function and manufacturability. 



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