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About Tandem

Tandem is a leading industrial design firm located in Santa Monica. In 2014, Tandem moved from it's location from Newport Beach to Santa Monica to better service a wide range of clients. Over the past 7 years, it has been working with some of the leading names in the industry... 

 In 2009, Tandem set out to bring the best industrial design to improve everyday life and intergrade cutting edge technology with compelling design solutions. It has helped clients won 9 CES Innovation awards.




Our design for SOMABAR won 2016 CES Best of Innovations Awards. It's the top honor for the largest consumer electronics show in the world.










Combining California life style with cutting edge technology, Tandem's talented team provides industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping and UI design service to Los Angeles, Orange County area as well as the world.


Regardless company size and complexity of the project, Tandem's dedicated team can always come up with innovative design solutions. Tandem has several effective ways to work with companies depending on their size. We work with many start-ups and enjoy seeing them flourish based on our design output. 

For start ups that seek world class designs, our flexible business model encourages our clients to form partnerships and work as long term strategic partners.





From consumer electronics and recreational goods, to industrial products and medical devices, Tandem's mission is to help it's clients create the most successful products for their markets and to enhance their company's brands.

We have an exemplary track record of designing successful products for the market and creating memorable product experiences during the process.

Tandem works in wide range of industries:

Consumer electronics
Computer products
Medical devices
Industrial equipment
Pro audio, Robotics
Tech Fashion
Cosmetics plus much more!


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  • To maximize the market impact for your products, we go through an unique design process infusing innovation, form, function and manufacturability. The innovative design process all starts by understanding the consumer needs and marketplace, followed by our unique brainstorming process and formulation with painstaking attention to detail. 



    Through intensive design research and strategic analysis, Tandem gathers information about customers, competitors, client brands, and key opportunities. Discovery inspires and guides the design method.

    Concept Creation

    Here is where we generate a large variety of design approaches and concepts to more fully address the client’s challenge and the users' needs. The concepts are reviewed, tested, refined, and crafted into a focused design direction. 




    In this phase we specify, document, and deliver project details to the client for implementation, or we get involved directly in the production process—both guarantee the accurate translation of ideas into reality. 


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