Rufus Cuff 2014

Introducing the world to the next generation of wearable smart devices. Tandem worked with Los Angeles technology start-up Rufus Labs to create this jumbo size Wrist Communicator: Rufus Cuff.

The Rufus cuff provides an effortless user experience never before available on your wrist. Make phone calls, chat with friends, browse the web, and more on it's enlarged 3-in screen and full Android operating system. The Tandem team coompleted the industrial design and high quality prototyping that was used in the successful indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raising over $400,000. The Rufus Cuff is the perfect harmony between classic wristwatches and cutting edge smartwatches with it's iconic metal accents on a sleek futuristic design. Tandem is thrilled to pair with the Rufus Initiative, believing that technology should benefit both users and the global community. A portion of Rufus Cuff profits will be donated to help fight disease, hunger, and discrimination around the world.