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Tandem is an industrial design company with locations in trend setting Santa Monica, Los Angeles and tech hub Orange County.

Since 2009, it has been partnering with both global brands & local start-ups,

creating outstanding customer experiences and services to build thriving businesses.


Tandem LA  


Tandem has developed many award-winning products with all vital elements during design process:

innovation, form, function, and manufacturability.


Tandem's mission:


To bring joy and materalize innovative ideas to users through meaningful and human-centric design.

To maximize the market impact for the products to improve people's lives with the power of visualization, design and engineering in ONE.


A cohesive design approach is paramount, and at Tandem, we believe in crafting products from the inside out and outside in simultaneously.

It's akin to visualize an egg and chicken concurrently.

We prioritize visualizing a product idea with a focus on overall layout, user interaction, and the visual impact it will deliver, ensuring a holistic user experience. This intuitive understanding of the world and human needs is at the core of Tandem's design philosophy. Our goal is to design products that seamlessly integrate into people's lives, bringing joy to their everyday experiences.

We aim to make technology disappear, allowing users to effortlessly engage with our products without feeling like they're working for the technology. That's the essence of Tandem's design approach.


Tandem starts the design process by understanding the customers' needs and the market and can take an innovative idea from the ID concept to the final product. Its industry know-how can give you, the client, the competitive edge of bringing your products to the market with a wow factor.


A cohesive tandem product design approach:

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of product development, success often hinges on more than just technical prowess or creative vision.

It requires a deep understanding of how various elements come together to create exceptional user experiences that stand out in the market. At Tandem, we pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary team of researchers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and more. Our collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of your product, from concept to realization, is meticulously crafted with expertise from diverse domains. Why should you choose Tandem for your next project? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  1. Holistic Perspective: Our team brings together insights from various disciplines, allowing us to consider every aspect of your product's design and functionality. By understanding how different elements interact, we can create solutions that are not only technically sound but also intuitive and user-friendly.

  2. Innovation Through Collaboration: True innovation often arises at the intersection of different fields. By fostering collaboration between our experts, we create an environment where new ideas flourish and breakthrough concepts come to life. Whether it's integrating cutting-edge technology or reimagining traditional design principles, our multidisciplinary team is poised to push the boundaries of what's possible.

  3. Seamless Integration: One of the key challenges in product development is ensuring that all components work together seamlessly. With our diverse team of experts, we can address potential integration issues early in the design process, saving time and resources down the line. From mechanical components to electrical systems to user interface design, we consider every detail to ensure a cohesive and harmonious final product.

  4. Comprehensive Support: From initial concept development to prototyping to final production, our multidisciplinary team is with you every step of the way. We offer a full suite of services tailored to meet your needs, whether you're a startup with a bold vision or an established company looking to innovate in your industry.


In choosing Tandem, you're not just getting a product design firm – you're gaining a trusted partner committed to bringing your ideas to life with creativity, expertise, and collaboration. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and create something truly exceptional.




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1639 11th St, #109

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 310-651-6855

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Frequent Searched/Asked Questions and Answers


Question: What services does Tandem Product Design Provide?
Answer: Tandem provides market research, industrial design, mechanical engineering and manufacturing liason for both start-ups and corporate clients. It also facilitates prototyping, electrical engineering and manufacturing efforts with its partner companies.Tandem Product Design does not provide interior design services. We see some confustion online. Tandem Product Design does not do archtechitecural industrial design, which is a seperate field but with same name, interesting, right?.
Question: When was Tandem established?
Answer: Tandem Product Design was founded in 2009, by former Gateway Computer lead designer Michael Hong. It's mission is to bring the innovative ideas to life by Tandem's proven design and creation process.
Question: What is Industrial Design or Product Design

Answer: Industrial design is a process of design applied to physical products that are to be manufactured by mass production. It is the creative act of determining and defining a product's form and features, which takes place in advance of the manufacture or production of the product. Tandem believes Industrial Design also brings the human factors into a good design and make it easier to use. A good design should be the fusion of aesthetics, human factor/usability, feel-good factors, engineering and manufacturing know-how.

The term of Product Design is also often be used. Industrial design is not the same as Industrial Architecture.

Industrial loft interior design is not considered industrial design.

Question: Why it's called Tandem

Answer: The word tandem means working in conjunction with each other or working together. Tandem believes the synergy between its clients and its designers and engineers will form truer product solutions that improves people's everyday life and brings the ideas to life in a better form.

Question: Why Tandem

Answer: The complete product development process requires the close collabration and skill sets from market researchers, patent experts, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, prototyping technicians and manufacturers.

A good product looks right. Tandem's designs strikes a balance of the true forms which promote positive and joyful emotional response, it's also easy to use. It designs a product with industrial design and engineering as one.

Tandem can tackle various stages of the product deelopment and not just conceptual design. In the 40s and 50s golden era of manufacturing, the designers and engineers often sat side-by-side at their drawing boards, next to the prototyping facility and factory. Tandem maintains this rare skill-set in-house with the injection of cutting edge CAD design.

Tandem's designer power has assisted its clients on No.1 sales records on Soundbar, Computer and TV segments and 11 CES awards for its customers. For start-ups clients, it helped them reached 8 back-to-back crowdfunding campaign with unique designs.

With location conviented located in LA and OC, working with tandem in tandem is a interactive and productive experience.


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